Meeting Minutes

08:00 - 10:00
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  1. Project Kickoff
  2. Infrastructure improvements
  3. Discuss Agenda MeF
    • "Finalization of Task description": The Task description is complete from our point of view.
    • "Questions regarding role MeF and project information page": Our project website at contains all required point.
      • No passwords are required due to public read-only access to the Issue Tracker / CI / Source Repository.
    • "Demonstration of Project infrastructure (Redmine, Git, CI).": Our Infrastructure is ready. We will demo it using the overview page of our website.
    • "Rough project plan with Milestones": Is part of the first sprint (See Sprint Planning Sprint 1)
    • "Date and time for next meeting": We suggest to meet every Friday at 15:15.
  4. Preparation Meeting 22.9.17. In addition to the Agenda provided by MeF, we want to discuss the following Topics
    • Language evaluation: We did not have the time to learn Rust and Erlang during the summer. To create a prototype in both languages will be too much work from our point of view. We must also discuss the (missing) tooling in both ecosystem (Code Coverage, Metrics etc.)
    • If desired by MeF, we can grant access to our project calendar
    • How should we log time for Infrastructure setup since it is not exclusively for the SA (BA as well)?
    • Set a fixed weekly timeslot for our meetings
    • Documentation: Are there any requirements for the document layout (HSR CI). We are also not sure what the following paragraph from the Project Information Page implies: "All submissions must conform to the relevant regulations of the Computer Science Department at HSR."


1. Project Kickoff

2. Infrastructure improvements

Open issues

open issues must be completed before the next meeting

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